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Brick Painting

You don’t like the color of your brick wall, do you? Or, do you want a brick wall painted to align with the current style of your home interior? Say no more. If you want to book brick painting in North York, Ontario, we are your team.

What you should do is contact House Painters North York. By doing so, you can ask for more information about the service and discuss the project with an experienced painting contractor. If you want to get a no-obligation and free-of-charge estimate for the painting service and brick color consultation, make an appointment.

Inquire about brick painting in North York

Brick Painting North York

With many similar projects under our belt, we know how to handle such jobs. And so, when you say that you are considering brick painting, North York pros are sent to check the surface and talk to you. To provide proper consultation and be more accurate regarding the service’s cost, we need to know some details. Like, if this is an interior brick wall painting. The brick’s texture. The size of work.

Having one interior brick wall painted is one thing. Painting the entire exterior of the house is another. And then, not all brick textures are the same. Not all surfaces are in the same condition. Making an accurate evaluation from the start helps with a lot of things. Like, be more specific when we suggest colors, finishes, and quotes. And send the painters prepared as needed to properly prep and finish brick surfaces. Should we talk specifics about your brick painting project?

Brick painting services

Due to our experience with such projects and brick surfaces, we are the ideal choice for all services. And are available for interior and exterior painting services.

  •          Are sections or the whole house exterior covered with brick? If you want brick painted, say the word. Chances are high that the brick is weathered and has lost its edge. Don’t worry. The painters first clean the surface and fix imperfections. Once the surface is well-prepped, it’s finished with coatings designed for outside use and brick walls.
  •          Our overall experience with stone wall interior painting makes our team the best choice for your project. Brick often covers one wall as an accent. It’s often the main material of fireplaces. In any case, it can be painted. Once again, the first priority of the team is to prep the surface as needed and then paint the brick.

We decide on colors and finishes beforehand together. We provide the guidance and the options and then, you decide on what hues will match your home style.

Brick wall painting jobs are demanding due to the material’s texture. Be sure that we suggest suitable and high-quality paint coatings for the best application and longevity. If you want to paint a brick wall and like to learn more about the costs, the process, and other things regarding the service, we are here for you. Say the word and we’ll discuss your North York brick painting job.