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Door Painting

Door Painting North York

All doors in your house can be painted. So, don’t think about it. If you intend to book door painting in North York, Ontario, our company is ready to offer the information you need, including the cost.

Make contact with House Painters North York to talk about your project. Tell us which doors you want to be painted and if you wish to get a free estimate for the service needed. Since there’s no charge and no obligation, why don’t you book a meeting with a local painting contractor to learn more, get a consultation, and receive an offer for the job? We are the best choice if you want to paint house doors in North York and be sure that all phases of the work are thoroughly carried out.

House door painting in North York

Wondering what would a North York door painting service include? Count how many doors you’ve got at home – interior doors, the garage door, the front door, kitchen cabinetry doors, and more. Right? All of these doors can be painted. The service involves fixing dents, sanding and cleaning as needed, and then priming and finishing as agreed.

Interior doors painting

If you wish to paint interior doors, let’s talk about colors. It’s always best to paint all doors the same color to have a consistent interior design. Of course, if you want one door to stand out, the color may differ. There are great painting and color ideas and solutions to make the home interior superb.

Exterior house door painting

When we talk about painting exterior doors, we mostly talk about front doors. Of course, any other exterior door can be painted, just in case there are back and side doors in your house. If you need to refresh the front door color, for example, be sure that the outer part is painted with durable and resistant coatings. The inner side may be painted a different color.

Garage door painting

Garage doors can be painted to gain a new personality, boost their looks, or add years to their lifespan. We like to assure you of our experience in all garage door materials. Whether you have one or more garage doors, they can be painted. The garage interior door leading inside the house can also be painted.

Cabinet doors painting

As a full-service painting company, we are ready to serve all those who want their kitchen cabinets refinished. If the cabinetry frame is just fine and you don’t intend to spend a small fortune to replace the cabinets but want to somehow rejuvenate the kitchen, contact us. Have the kitchen cupboards and all cabinetry parts painted.

The door painting service is carried out as soon as you need it and is completed within the scheduled timeline. As previously discussed, the doors are prepped as needed, based on their condition and material. And they are painted in accordance with your taste and the door’s material. Whether this is a vinyl, wood, or fiberglass door, it’s painted to look fantastic for a long time. If you are considering door painting, North York’s number one team is ready to offer a free quotation.