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Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painting North York

Our company has the experience to serve homeowners in need of exterior house painting in North York, Ontario. Not only are we available for such challenging projects but also ensure the utmost results. The rates of such painting services are reasonable. And you can easily get an estimate for the project you are planning. Each exterior painter is experienced, qualified, and licensed, ensuring excellence from start to finish. If you are interested in painting the house exterior in North York, perhaps it’s time we talked. Get in touch with House Painters North York.

Full exterior house painting in North York

North York exterior house painting services may involve all outdoor sections, from the siding and walls to the fence and deck. With a complete painting service, the entire house exterior is refreshed, increasing the property’s value, enhancing the curb appeal, and offering great protection from the elements.

Partial exterior painting services

Then again, you may be looking for an experienced exterior house painter to refinish the fence. Once again, our company is at your service. If you want only sections of the house’s exterior painted, just let us know. A few examples would be the following.

  •          Deck painting. Refresh the existing color or paint a deck the color of your choice to enhance its strength and rejuvenate the backyard.
  •          Fence painting. Fences can be painted or repainted to gain back their good looks and durability to withstand the elements.
  •          Exterior wall painting. All external walls can be painted, from the fascia to brick surfaces and wooden siding.
  •          Doors & windows painting. Have your windows and doors painted. All doors can be painted, from the front door to the garage door.

Exterior surface preparation, quality exterior painting coatings

Even if this is a small job, the home painter starts by prepping the surface. This is a vital phase of all painting services. Even more so for exterior painting services. It’s fair to say that exterior surfaces take some major beating over the years. They get weathered, to say the least. The pros have various tasks on their hands before they start priming and painting. The preparation of exterior surfaces usually involves scraping, power washing, cleaning, fixing dents, and more. The goal of the prep phase is to handle imperfections and smoothen the surfaces as needed so that the paint coatings will adhere well. Due to the thorough way this phase is done, the painting service results are above all expectations.

Another element that makes a difference is the quality of the paints. Overall, the painters work with the right equipment, machinery, and tools to do all phases of painting services correctly, effectively, and quickly. It’s equally vital to say that the paint coatings used for all surfaces are ideal for exterior applications. Naturally, the painters use coatings suitable for the surface’s material.

Trusted exterior house painters

Be sure of the skills, knowledge, and experience of the exterior painters. In our team, we have experience with these projects and also all materials. This ensures one thing: surfaces are prepped correctly and finished perfectly regardless of their material. This fact alone underlines the excellent way the whole job is done and, by extension, its appeal and longevity.

Nothing goes wrong when you trust the best in North York house painters. There’s no need to risk this project. Talk with us. Make an appointment to get a free consultation and estimate for exterior house painting in North York. We can’t wait to hear about your painting plans.