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Fence Painting

Painting a fence is much more than boosting its looks. It’s also about increasing its strengths. And so, if you are planning fence painting in North York, Ontario, and want the job done to perfection, look no further than our company.

By putting your trust in House Painters North York, you have your fence transformed at all levels to enjoy it for years.

Ready to provide the best fence finishing solutions to each case, our team can help you make the best decisions for your house. If you are looking to find an experienced fence painter, North York’s best team is at your service. Find out how we work and feel free to make an inquiry.

North York fence painting contractors can soon get you started

Fence Painting North York

To inquire about fence painting, North York homeowners first need to contact us. Send a message. Or, just call us. We need to hear about your project to provide the best solutions. To be accurate, we first send painting contractors to evaluate the fence’s condition and understand your needs. The material, size, and condition of the fence all affect the painting service. And so, the fence’s assessment is important. Once this is done, the pro offers the best solutions regarding the paint coatings, finishes, colors, and more. You also get an estimate for the fence painting service. If you are ready to get started and want to schedule a free fence painting estimate and color consultation, with no obligation, go right ahead.

The art of painting fences

The first step of all painting services is prepping the surface. As with all surfaces, when it comes to fences, the material defines how the job is done. It’s one thing prepping a wooden fence and another prepping a metal fence. Same thing when it comes to composite, metal, or wood fence painting. The paint coatings are selected based on the material. Be sure that the fence painters only use products designed for exterior applications.

The wisdom to trust professional fence painters only

Based on the fence’s materials, the painters prep the surface as required. The objective is to make the fence look good even before it’s finished. This happens by addressing dents and all other flaws, sanding, and cleaning. The fence becomes free of debris and imperfections and as smooth as it should be for the final stage.

Be sure that painted fences in bad shape are sanded as needed so that the old paint will be scraped off effectively before any other prep work is carried out.

Once the phase of fence preparation is completed, the pros prime and finish as needed.

Fence painting service
  •          First-time fence painting jobs involve applying primers and the paint color of the customer’s choice once the prep work is completed.
  •          The color of painted fences can be refreshed. Or, you can pick a different color.
  •          Fences may only be stained. This is often the case with wooden fences whose lustrous look is lost but the timber appearance is worth keeping.
  •          Sealants are applied at the end of the fence finishing work to ensure the surface’s resilience against all elements for a long time.

North York fence painting experts are just a call or message away and are ready to serve your specific needs. If you are ready, should we talk?