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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We only assume that your kitchen cabinets look bad and one easy way to fix that is to paint them. We also assume that you want kitchen cabinet painting in North York, Ontario. If that’s true, contact us. Do so if you seek answers to questions, like to get a quote, or have decided to book North York painters for the service.

House Painters North York is the team to trust with the service. Let us tell you how it works with us and why we are the company to choose for the job.

If you consider kitchen cabinet painting, North York experts at your service

Kitchen Cabinet Painting North York

Let our team serve. Even if you are still only considering booking kitchen cabinet painting, North York contractors can come and meet you to offer ideas, solutions, and consultation according to your personal needs and taste. To also offer an estimate for the service. This is a free/no-obligation estimate. So, you shouldn’t have second thoughts about making a consultation/estimate appointment.

Kitchen cabinet finishing solutions and services

Now that you are informed about the way to learn about cabinet painting and how easy it’s to book the actual service, let’s talk about that: the service.

  •          If you have cabinet refinishing in mind, we are the company to contact. That’s a great solution when the cabinets have seen better days but you cannot afford to replace them or reface them. Don’t worry. We send experienced painters to refinish kitchen cabinets and thus, breathe new life into the worn material and brighten up the room.
  •          Are you considering painting the kitchen cupboards and cabinets for the first time? If you are tired of looking at the color of your veneer, wood, or fiberglass cabinets, that’s the way to go. Don’t have concerns about the color options. Together we’ll find the best color solutions or even color combinations for your kitchen.
  •          Do you have beautiful wooden cabinets in the kitchen and although you love the color, you worry about the material’s resistance? The easy way to fix that is to stain the cabinets. This way, they will be well protected and you will still enjoy their gorgeous color.
  •          Do you want to book cabinet repainting? This may mean two things: either the existing cabinet paint is cracked and must be scraped off and the cabinet repainted or the paint color is not to your liking and you want to change it. Whatever your case, turn to us. Be sure that peeling paints are properly scraped and the cabinets are prepped as required for repainting.

It’s important to say at this point that all cabinets are thoroughly prepped before they are finished. Their flaws are addressed. And the job is carried out – from prep to finish – with respect to the cabinet’s material. Why settle for less when you can book the exact North York kitchen cabinet painting you want and be sure of the excellence of the service? Talk to us.