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Residential Painting

Whether for exterior or interior residential painting, North York’s most proficient team is at your service. It doesn’t matter if this is a condo, a whole building, a private home! It doesn’t matter if you want parts of the residence painted or full service. Our company covers all needs and have the experience to ensure superb service. Why think about it? If you search for experts in residential painting services in North York, Ontario, why don’t you see if we are the right team for you? Something tells us that you’ll call us as soon as you read these lines.

Complete residential painting North York services

Count on our company for any & all residential painting North York projects. That’s, all painting services at any residence, from a tiny apartment to a huge home.

  •          Kitchen cabinets painting
  •          Full home painting service
  •          Interior painting service
  •          Exterior painting service
  •          Bathroom or kitchen painting
  •          Painting & wallpaper installation

See? We are the house painters North York residents can trust with all services. Isn’t that good to know? So, which project is in your imminent plans?

Get ready to meet with the best local home painting contractor

Residential Painting North York

All service requests are handled as soon as it is convenient for the customer. And we always send a residential painting contractor to speak with you, check the residence, inspect the surfaces, make note of the materials – gather the information required for the service and your estimate.

You simply make contact with our team here at House Painters North York and tell us what painting job you want at this point. Isn’t that easy?

See the best house painters in action, from color consultation to prep work

At the beginning, we don’t only explore your residence’s requirements but also your personal taste, which colors you want, if you like patterns and special designs – the works. You get consultation about all that so that you can make an informed decision about anything, from colors to coating styles. Like satin? Prefer matte?

Come painting day, the pros come fully prepared to take care of all surfaces, having as their ultimate intention to address all bruises and flaws and make all walls, doors, trims, and ceilings ready for finishing. Depending on the condition of the surface, the painters repair drywall, patch big and small holes, fix corner bruises, remove popcorn ceilings – that’s just for the indoors.

If the service includes exterior painting, you can be sure that all surfaces are prepped with the utmost diligence – from the stucco walls to the composite deck, from the metal door to the wooden siding. Never worry about the way the prep work and the entire painting job are done. With expertise in all materials and paints, with full commitment to both our industry and clientele, we ensure perfection at all levels: coatings, prep work, finishing – everything.

Are you ready for a residential painting in North York? Want the exterior painted? The interior? Both? Talk with us.